Merewyn Sayers

Simplify your business plan, making it meaningful and effective!

Merewyn Sayers works with small businesses to help them be better at what they do.
Sayers Solutions provides marketing and strategy assistance through coaching, training and consultation, and when required will undertake the implementation of the tactics and research.

Merewyn is always discussing the benefits of digital technologies, providing guidance and reassurance to new adopters. The importance of relationship marketing (building and maintaining relationships with customers and other stakeholders) is always at the forefront of her suggestions and recommendations.

However, Merewyn’s passion lies, as a strategic marketeer, with moving small businesses away from focusing on individual tactics, working in a siloed way. Instead she wants to enable them to build (and follow) an integrated marketing plan, based on knowledge and research about the organisation, market and wider environments. To help them to set goals and objectives, to move the business in the desired direction and most importantly, measure the activity undertaken, influencing future decisions.

Since creating the business in 2011, Merewyn has built a large network of contacts, connecting her with a variety of experts that can be called upon to deliver campaigns and outcomes.
Merewyn is also the Area Leader for the Federation of Small Businesses, a national membership organisation who lobby Government on behalf of small business, as well as providing a wide range of membership benefits. This elected volunteer position essentially provides a conduit between members and the organisation. Amongst much more, Merewyn is involved with identifying, approving and sometimes organising a variety of events including networking, knowledge transference and appearances at expos to engage and benefit the local members.

Whilst on maternity leave in 2013, Merewyn also created the HD8 Network to promote and connect the rural and vibrant area where she lives, reinforcing her keenness for Local and to be a positive influence in the community. To this end she is also a trustee of the Friends of CHaT Parks in Wakefield, a committee member of Denby Dale Pie Hall and working towards becoming a trustee of a local chapel with the aim of converting it back to community building.

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Simplify your business plan, making it meaningful and effective!

A business plan is not just for accessing funding, it is an essential part of running a successful business. It is a vital tool to keep you motivated, focused and fully informed. It keeps you in touch with what your business does and why, making sure you’re catering for your customer’s needs. Merewyn found during […]